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Agate with Fairy and Flower Pendant PE1034

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Agate with Fairy and Flower Pendant PE1034

$ 28.00

One of a kind purple and pink agate (color enhanced) tear drop shaped pendant. Wire wrapped in silver with a beautiful fairy and a delicate flower. Comes with a 26 inch soft black cord.


It was rumored that in the time of the elders a wise fairy, who was older than any other, made a book of rules. The story goes that when the fairies obeyed the book there was nothing but peace, prosperity and love. They grew closer in their bonds to nature and their society was great. They blossomed in their creativity and it was a time when many magic spells were invented. New magic! Imagine that. It was the golden era. Now things are still good, but the story tells of a time when the book will be found and the fairy people will walk once again in the perfect ways.

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